November 13, 2015 - April 2016
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What is CajunCodeFest?

The CajunCodeFest is a health care coding competition looking for the next innovative idea (app, software, device, etc.). The best solution wins a chance make their idea a reality by presenting to a team of Angel Investors! *The competition returns in November 2015 with a new format including longer development time. 

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Who can Participate?

All innovators are welcome! The competition is open to middle, high school and college students as well as health care, technology or marketing professionals. The best team is comprised of expertise of all types. 

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Why Participate?

Your team could have the latest and greatest idea and win an opportunity to take the product to the next level by presenting your app or product to a team of Angel Investors.

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A Unique Health Care Theme Is Selected For Each Event

The CajunCodeFest focuses on transforming data into healthcare solutions. Each year a new healthcare theme is selected based on the dataset available and current relavance. The judges look for the best ideas and encourage the winning teams to grow their solution into the next big thing! 

The theme for this year is diabetes use cases for population health analytics (engages a broad audience of prospective partners) or health systems analytics (ACO measures).


Past Themes:

2012: Childhood Obesity                            

2013: Own Your Own Health                                  

2014: Aging in Place/Internet of Things







Living Lab for Health Innovation

Lafayette built its fiber-to-the-home network with the vision of becoming a testbed for the next generation of networks and applications. That vision catalyzed in April 2012 through the first annual CajunCodeFest. Today, a coalition of community, education, business, government, and healthcare leaders join forces to transform Lafayette into a Living Lab for Health Innovation – a place where innovators come to create solutions to society’s toughestchallenges and, in so doing, expand their services or grow their startups. In 2014, the Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce Innov8 awards presented the CajunCodeFest with the Innov8 award for encouraging innovation in the community. 



This event is a special blend – a unique gumbo of inspiration, innovation, competition, and celebration that brings together the best minds from ...

Ramesh Kolluru

VP for Research - University of Louisiana Lafayette
Massively inspired after spending time at #cajuncodefest - amazing competitors; go innovators go!

Todd Park

U.S. Technology Advisor
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CajunCodeFest is health care coding competition open to all students and professionals in of software development, health care or business strategy industries. Teams compete by developing an app or product to present to Angel Investors! In November 2015, the event returns with a new format with longer development time. 

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